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Top 10 Best Embroidery Machines

Top 10 Best Embroidery Machines for 2018 and Beyond

By On January 22, 2018

Sewing has once again become a very popular hobby. With improved technology and lower pricing, so is machine embroidery. Embroidery machines, once way too expensive for the average home crafter, are now… Read More

Article: Common Sewing Machine Problems and Fixes - Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

Common Sewing Machine Problems and How to Fix Them

By On November 23, 2017

If you sew with an old sewing machine, you probably don’t have many problems with it. They can run for years between servicing and put up with lots of abuse and neglect.… Read More

Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Sewing Machine Reviews

Review: Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine

By On August 11, 2017

  If you’re looking for a multi-function machine that’s lightweight and portable, look no further! The Brother SE400 sewing and embroidery machine not only gives you lots of features, but it’s compact… Read More

Article: Top Rated Sewing Machines for Kids

Best Sewing Machines for Kids

By On July 19, 2017

Locating the perfect machine for your little sewing enthusiast can be frustrating. It’s easy to spend hours scouring the aisles at your local craft store and come away more confused than you… Read More

Easy Sewing Projects

DIY Reusable Nursing Pads

By On June 21, 2017

If you’re a breastfeeding mama, then you are most likely looking for ways to save a little cash when it comes to all the extras that come with breastfeeding. After going on… Read More

Sewing Machine Review: Singer One Computerized Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer One Computerized Sewing Machine Review

By On June 13, 2017

The Singer One computerized sewing machine is an entry level machine that fits the needs of beginning sewers and folks who don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. A beginner often… Read More