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Best Sewing Machines for Beginners
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What are the Best Sewing Machines for Beginners?

By On February 23, 2017

You’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a sewing machine. Before you grab your credit card and hit the ‘Buy It Now’ button, you need to do a little research and… Read More

Christmas Gifts to Sew

Christmas Gifts to Sew – 3 Great Ideas for 2016

By On November 20, 2016

The festive season is coming around again, and for many, if not all of us, this means a frantic search for great, thoughtful presents for our loved ones…that are different, possibly even… Read More

Article: How to Sew Piping

How to Sew Piping

By On November 12, 2016

Sewing piping is easier than you might think! A very trendy and hip addition to modern clothing, piping is now a must-have when making clothes. Whether you are, for example, making a… Read More

Different colors of thread for sewing

Color Theory Basics for Your Sewing Projects

By On October 27, 2016

When starting a new piece of work, no matter what it is, there are nearly unlimited options, and things to consider, before you can get started on your work. What do you… Read More

Review: Brother ST371HD
Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine Review

By On June 29, 2016

Maybe you don’t have aspirations of becoming the next Project Runway fashion designer, but perhaps you’re looking for a sewing machine that will serve you for many years in both durability and… Read More

Article: Getting Started with Free Machine Embroidery

Getting Started With Free Motion Machine Embroidery

By On June 25, 2016

Have you admired professional monogramming and machine embroidery and wished you could produce such great personalized items? Good news: One need not purchase an expensive digital embroidery machine to do monogramming and… Read More