Article: Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines
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Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

By On January 16, 2019

TheFallenHem's Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines of 2019Sewing with heavy fabrics like denim, leather and fabrics for draperies and slipcovers requires durable equipment that is designed for the job.  If you're working… Read More

Singer 7258 vs Brother CS6000i
Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer 7258 vs Brother CS6000i: Head to Head Comparison

By On November 29, 2018

A seamstress is perhaps the best person to understand the value and importance of a good sewing machine. Its importance rises notches higher if you are purchasing a sewing machine perhaps for… Read More

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Best Sewing Machine Under $500 in 2019: Our Top Picks Revealed and Reviewed

By On November 29, 2018

Looking for the best sewing machine can be a daunting task with all the remarkable products that are available in the market. The challenge becomes harder if you are in search of… Read More

best sewing machines under $200
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Best Sewing Machines Under $200 in 2019

By On November 23, 2018

Sewn items are all the rage in fashion trends again. Especially, quilted designs. A lot of people enjoy having customized patches, but they are quite pricey. With that in mind, it’s better… Read More

leather sewing
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Best Leather Sewing Machine Reviews in 2019

By On November 20, 2018

Leather products never get out of vogue. Thus, you might be a hobbyist or a small business owner working with leather. But even a novice would know that working with leather is… Read More

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Best Mini Sewing Machines in 2019: An Ultimate Guide

By On November 16, 2018

The fashion industry has always been an impactful one— people use fashion to express themselves by putting together outfits or wearing their own style. However, the real outliers in fashion are those… Read More