Cheerful seamstress sewing fabric with white sewing machine
Easy Sewing Projects

How to Sew Binding on a Blanket

By On May 5, 2020

If you’re throwing together a blanket, then you want to make sure you add the nice binding to the sides of it. This can be done when you choose a binding that… Read More

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The Beginner’s Guide to Sergers

By On May 4, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About SergersIf you’re involved in the world of machine sewing, you may have heard of a serger before but maybe you weren't sure exactly what it was… Read More

Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer 4423 Sewing Machine Review

By On May 3, 2020

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine ReviewThe Singer 4423 sewing machine is an inexpensive yet durable option for sewers looking to complete all types of projects. With a maximum sewing speed of… Read More

Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer Sew Mate 5400 Review

By On May 2, 2020

The Singer Sew Mate 5400 - For Those Looking To Sew… And Reap The BenefitsIf you have spent any time at all considering purchasing a sewing machine, you know that some of… Read More

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The Ultimate Guide to Portable Sewing Machines

By On May 1, 2020

Sometimes, you just need the option to sew on the go. For frequent travelers, sewing class attendees, and sewing fanatics, portable sewing machines are simply a must-have product.  This thorough guide will… Read More

The Brother HC 1850 is a perfect choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive computerized sewing machine
Sewing Machine Reviews

Review – The Brother HC1850 is a Great Inexpensive Computerized Sewing Machine

By On April 30, 2020

Brother HC1850 Review - Brother vs Singer and the Famous HC1850The Brother HC1850 is a popular and affordable sewing machine to serve a variety of sewing needs. From quilting to garment construction… Read More