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Janome Sewing Machine Reviews

Janome 2222 Sewing Machine Review - Simple Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine Reviews

Review – The Janome 2222 is a Feature-Rich, Simple Sewing Machine

By On September 5, 2015

The Janome 2222 is a new, simple sewing machine that is designed for anyone including first-timers and up to those more advanced sewers who will put the 2222 to work for special sewing projects. Buyers… Read More

The 2212 Model is one of Janome's top rated sewing machines
Sewing Machine Reviews

Sewing Machine Review – Janome 2212

By On June 22, 2015

It’s important for sewing machine users who plan to buy a new machine to be able to judge differences in machine features. For some of these potential buyers, machine reviews provide an… Read More

Sewing Machine Reviews

Our Review of the Janome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine

By On June 5, 2015

Every household needs a sewing machine. The Janome DC1050 will handle anything you need it for, and the difference will show in the end results of your sewing projects- whether it’s simple… Read More

The Janome DC2014 is a dependable computerized sewing machine
Sewing Machine Reviews

Review – Janome DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine

By On May 15, 2015

Every sewing enthusiast needs a sewing machine they can depend on for all of their sewing needs. The Janome DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine is dependable, durable and computerized to make short work… Read More

Sewing Machine Reviews

Best Janome Sewing Machine for Beginners – Magnolia 7318

By On April 1, 2015

When searching for the best sewing machine for beginners, convenience, size, speed, stitches and reliability are important. Janome is a brand name sewing machine that fits the needs of the sewing beginner… Read More